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Yes, We are registered company with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises with the govt of India since 2022.

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What is Vedic Maths and What are is benefits?

Whoever said studying math couldn’t be enjoyable is mistaken. Let your child enjoy Vedic maths and numbers this year. The fourth Veda, “Atharva Veda,” is where “Vedic Mathematics” first appeared. The Atharva Veda is concerned with all of the modern-day sciences that we are aware of, including engineering, mathematics, sculpture, and medicine. The root Vid, which means to know without bounds, is where the Sanskrit name Veda is originated.


  • High Calculations Speed with Accuracy
  • Became a Mental Calculator
  • Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and  intelligence
  • Improved Academic Performance and Instant Results
  • Develops Concentration & Learning Ability
  • Develops observation power
  • Develops Memory Power
  • Develops Confidence and Self Esteem
What is an Abacus and What are the benefits of learning abacus?

Abacus is an ancient calculating device that was invented for the sole purpose of doing higher calculations. In ancient times when calculators were not there, people used fingers for counting. This method had its limitations and was not usable for higher calculations. This lead to the discovery of an instrument that used beads for doing calculations and thus came into existence the tool Abacus.
It is imperative to understand that math is only a tool in abacus learning and math improvement is only one of the many benefits of this wonderful program. The abacus primarily is a complete brain development program that simultaneously activates both left and right hemispheres of a child’s brain. Predominantly only one part or hemisphere of the human brain is more active which in 90% of cases is the left one. The right hemisphere is responsible for creativity, concentration, recall, and photographic memory. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, numbers, and calculation. On activation of both the parts, a child gets excellent calculating skills and number sense along with improved concentration, photographic memory, recall, and listening ability. Thus a child doing abacus not only shows improvement in mathematics but also excellence in all the subjects.

How to use an Abacus?

Abacus is a frame having rods and beads. Every bead has a certain value and calculations are done by moving the beads on rods. There are certain formulas that have to be implemented for doing calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Although invented with the objective of doing calculations, the abacus since the last three decades is widely used as a math improvement and complete brain development tool for kids.

What is Abacus Mental Math and how it will help my child?

To understand abacus mental math and its benefits, we have to first know what Abacus and mental math is.
Mental math is the technique of doing calculations mentally without using any pen paper or calculator. Kids who have done abacus courses up to certain levels are able to visualize the abacus instrument and do long calculations mentally with astonishing speed.
Abacus is an ancient calculating instrument that was primarily invented for doing calculations. About thirty years back it was discovered that this simple calculating instrument can be an important brain development tool for kids between 6 to 14 years of age. The human brain can be considered to be divided into two parts or hemispheres. The left or logical brain and the right or creative brain. Different responsibilities have been assigned to both parts of the human brain. While the left or logical brain is responsible for logic, numbers, calculations, and identification of black & white colors, the right or creative brain is responsible for creativity, imagination, concentration, recall & photographic memory. Abacus works on the principle of simultaneously activating both the hemispheres of a child’s brain resulting in improved concentration, listening ability, photographic memory, recall, mental calculating skill, and overall performance. As a result of this, the child performs better in all the subjects.

How to teach Abacus to kids at home?

Earlier, teaching abacus to kids at home was a big challenge as it was practically very difficult to take classes on video conferencing and making the kids practice on workbooks. Checking classwork and homework, taking exams and evaluating students and at the same time making the classes interesting and engaging for kids was a real uphill task. With the introduction of the E-learning platform by Learn With Sudheras, the scenario has completely changed. The interactive portal of Learn With Sudheras having an integrated screen of video conferencing with content video ensures excellent learning of kids without any workbooks. The entire practice is in form of game exercises which makes learning a fun-filled experience for kids. Online exams and evaluation, digital classwork, and homework make the Learn With Sudheras E-learning platform the best choice for teaching abacus to kids from the convenience of their homes.

What is your best method to teach our kids?

We are providing online live sessions with learning management system access.

What are the Benefits of online classes?
  • Saves your time and money: You need not go to any Vedic Maths  or Abacus Institute. Thereby, you save time as well as transportation costs. Online program is always economical as compared to the fees charged at centers.
  • One child at a time: You get dedicated trainer for your child who will focus on training your child only during the allotted time slot. Similar to a home tuition for your child.
  • Reasonable fee
  • Playway technique of teaching
  • Training by Certified trainer
  • And many more
Do you provide any discounts?

Yes, For the second child enrollment we provide 10% discount and for the third child we provide 20% discount. 

How to use discount coupon code?
Are you an International Certified trainer?

Yes, Sonia Sudhera is an International Certificate Trainer.

What is the duration of the classes?

Classes generally run for an average of 2 hours per week. Each is of 1 hour. Class timings are depend upon Trainer Schedule.

Do you give homework?

Yes, homework is given for each class of the week. It is a mental maths development programme and children are required to devote at least 25 minutes of practice every day with strict regularity. This is required for children to really reach their maximum potential and to become a mastermind.

How does abacus maths help in learning with school curriculum?

Abacus maths helps children to learn their school maths with speed and accuracy and improves their general concentration. Our students teachers are often amazed at the speed at which they can carry out mental arithmetic. However, learning abacus is not only limited to mathematical skills development but has show overall mind expansion in day to day life as well, enhancing creativity and imagination with all round academic excellence.

What are the Payment modes available?

We use our online website to receive all payments. You can use any card to pay the monthly fees. You also receive invoice for your further references.

Whom to contact for any support?

You can send email to info@learnwithsudheras.com. We will get back to you asap.

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