Allow them to fall and get dirty and learn and explore

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Allow them to fall and get dirty and learn and explore

Those tiny little feet are a joy to behold. We do everything we can to take care of the little baby in the house, from massaging to cleaning, caring, and pampering to child-proofing. A newborn’s soft, pink feet are small enough to fit in our palms. Those ‘always-so-clean’ feet and legs are bound to get dirty as the baby grows and learns to walk. As the infant grows into a toddler and begins toter, they will likely get some bruises. So, should we no longer place the baby on the ground or the floor?
Simply because we are concerned that they will be unable to do so independently. And, as our children grow into adults, we expect them to take responsibility for themselves and make their own decisions.

“When my son was only two years old, he jumped onto a cemented window sill,” recalls one of our teachers. “I was so scared and angry at the same time that I yelled at the top of my lungs, but my son wasn’t ready to listen.” As I tried to get him down, he would cry. Just then, my father asked me to leave him, claiming that he wouldn’t fall because he was tightly gripping the iron grills.

I followed in my father’s footsteps and left my son to his own devices. After two minutes, my little boy asked for my assistance in getting down, and I was surprised, while my father gave me a he-knows-it-all look!”

“Parents who want their children to eventually stand on their own two feet must occasionally be willing to let them fall down,” writes American columnist John Rosemond.

It is preferable to let them fall and fail to learn how to succeed from their mistakes. Hold yourself before rushing to your child the next time they fall. Wait until they get up or ask for your assistance. Of course, if you believe it is not a minor fall, you should act quickly! Otherwise, simply let the children learn for themselves that certain types of behavior have consequences.

Falling is necessary because every fall teaches your child how to stand up and keep walking.

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