Exciting Facts for Beginners-How beneficial is Vedic mathematics in today’s world?

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Vedic Maths

Exciting Facts for Beginners-How beneficial is Vedic mathematics in today’s world?

Vedic math’s meaning

The Shankaracharya of Puri, often known as “The Father of Vedic Maths,” the Late Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj (1884–1960), created the ancient system of mental calculations known as Vedic Maths. A distinguished scholar of Sanskrit, English, mathematics, history, and philosophy. He studied the “Ganit Sutras” for eight arduous years in the solitude of the Shingeri forests.

He rebuilt 13 sub-sutras and 16 main Vedic sutras that deal with arithmetic and algebraic processes. These formulations are succinct sutras that are simple to remember and use. He ensured that people of all ages could comprehend the sutras by translating them into English and giving them mathematical interpretations. Everyone may lessen their reliance on calculators by understanding the math strategies described here.

Vedic math is a potent way to assist you in resolving mathematical issues much more quickly than the traditional approach. The fundamentals of Vedic mathematics will be covered, including how to recall straightforward formulas and quickly approach various types of problems. For example, you can quickly calculate the square root and cube root in one line, perform magic with 11 and 5, and service times tables up to 99.

Vedic mathematics enables one to work effortlessly. It can be learned with minimal effort and mastered in a concise amount of time. We employ a series of checking processes in addition to independent crosschecks for Vedic Maths. We use various original and compelling calculations to verify the outcomes. The goal of Vedic mathematics is to perform computations quickly and verbally.

Vedic mathematics is still the subject of current inquiry and study on a global scale. Research is being done in several fields, including Vedic mathematics in contemporary times. Students can use the sutra to answer calculus and geometry problems by following the researchers’ simple methods.
The following are a few of the most notable aspects of Vedic Mathematics:
1. Surya Siddhanta is the foundational system of Vedic mathematics.
2. Uses the idea of zero.
3. Uses complex numbers and aids in avoiding multiplication tables.
4. Use of Arithmetic & Algebraic operations
6. Calculus is used in Vedic mathematics.
7. Trigonometry is used in Vedic math.
8. Vedic mathematics uses geometrical principles.
9. Using Vedic mathematics, a Pythagorean triplet can be formed.
10. In Vedic mathematics, quadratic equations are used.
11. Vedic mathematics aids in the resolution of 500-year calendar problems.
12. Interesting Vedic mathematics facts and advantages. A well-constructed set of 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras can be used to tackle any challenging issue.

  • Vedic mathematics is a product of the Indian system.
  • Vedic mathematics requires little effort to calculate.
  • The formulas or tricks are imaginative and intuitive.
  • Resulting in prompt and precise outcomes.
  • Vedic mathematics enhances focus and memory.
  • It facilitates quicker computation.
  • Increases the effectiveness of computations.
  • Finger counting is decreased by Vedic Math.
  • Vedic Maths turns boring, dry math into an engaging topic that kids can love and learn from.
Vedic mathematics for beginners

Our classes are open to kids in grades 3 through 12, students taking competitive examinations, parents, and teachers. When pupils learn Vedic Arithmetic Tricks, their math anxiety will vanish. Since kids will employ Vedic sutras to compute sums, arithmetic will be enjoyable for them and valuable as they move on to the next grade. It is constructive for students taking competitive exams because it enables them to finish their assignments on time. Additionally, it can be beneficial, such as accelerating the math process, making the document more straightforward to read and comprehend, and boosting a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The math shortcuts aid applicants in accurately and swiftly answering aptitude questions. Instead of spending hours studying the problems, students can quickly and easily answer them in their minds. The mathematical idea is made easier to understand by eliminating scratchwork and providing fast results. Parents and teachers are the foundations of kids’ success. If you can, encourage them, and they will succeed academically. Make arithmetic fun and exciting for them while also assisting them in learning math skills.

It would be tough to survive without mathematics, especially Vedic Mathematics, which is extremely quick and straightforward. As a result, mathematics is a significant part of our daily lives. For instance, we may calculate more quickly at the grocery store or double-check a bill thanks to Vedic sutras and methods. For a beginner, the foundations must be firm, and the fundamentals must be learned first. Make sure you continue to make progress steadily in getting the best results. Visit our website for various courses ranging from fundamental operations to complex calculations. You can examine the roadmap to discover how it functions.

How significant is Vedic mathematics in the contemporary world

Many students today use Vedic mathematics to get ready for challenging exams. This Vedic approach makes it simple to resolve complex issues. Vedic mathematics provides pupils with a benefit that mainstream mathematics might not be able to provide. It is so adaptable that even NASA has used some of its ideas in artificial intelligence. Nowadays it  is taught in schools today, focusing on students interested in learning more about the topic.

Vedic mathematics is creative and gives arithmetic a more organic feel. It is comparable to the acceptance of meditation for inner well-being and yoga for physical well-being.

Divided into two categories:

Classic and Contemporary: While the current approach uses numbers, the traditional method uses symbols and numbers. Both systems have advantages and disadvantages of their own. For instance, the conventional process needs much practice when solving equations but offers a greater understanding of the issue. On the other hand, the current approach is significantly more straightforward and allows for quick computations but lacks in-depth comprehension. However, by combining both techniques, Vedic mathematics is approached holistically.

The three main subfields of Vedic mathematics are algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. There are specific policies and procedures for each branch. These regulations and practices are based on texts from ancient India, such as the Vedas. The techniques above are pretty helpful to people of all ages in contemporary society.


Having a solid understanding of math in today’s world is crucial. Most of us find math to be a very challenging topic, so we try to give excuses and avoid learning it. You don’t need to fear; Vedic math will enable you to answer any difficult problem quickly and without the aid of paper and a pen. We’re fortunate to have these instructive sutras to make math clear and straightforward. My sincere gratitude goes out to the late “Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj” for providing us with the chance to study math without experiencing math anxiety. We are now free of the extreme fear of mathematics. I sincerely hope this blog was helpful. You can learn more about Learn with Sudheras by reading other blogs.

Check out this blog and the Beginner’s Guide course for examples and practice problems to learn more about Learn with Sudheras, their English translations, and their mathematical meaning. There are worksheets for each chapter of the course as well.

Thank you, and good luck!

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