Learn programming language from scratch HTML class 2 very easy and anyone can learn

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Learn programming language from scratch HTML class 2 very easy and anyone can learn

HTML ATTRIBUTES: Attributes provide additional information about HTML elements. Attributes are always specified in the start tag. Attributes come in name / value pairs like name=“value”. Attribute values should always be enclosed within quotation marks. But in some cases we can apply single quotes called primes. Some attributes are like class, id, style, title, etc.

HTML Comments: If you want to keep something in code and don’t want user to see in the browser, then we use comments. Comments are ignored by the web browser and are not displayed. Syntax: <– comment –>

HTML Text Formatting: We use few tags to format our text like bold, strong, italic, strong, etc.

HTML Table: Tables are excellent way to organize and display information on a page. Tables are defined using the tag table. A tables is divided into rows and columns defined as tr (Table Row) and td (Table Data).

Please watch HTML Class-2 video from below link:

Please download the presentation in pdf format from below link:


Example code for practice is available in pdf file.

HTML Class 1:


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