Learn programming language from scratch HTML with CSS Class 3 very easy and anyone can learn

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Learn programming language from scratch HTML with CSS Class 3 very easy and anyone can learn

HTML LINK: A link is the address of the URL. In HTML, if we want to display a link on click we can define as below:

Learn With Sudheras Website

Here, URL is the address where you want the user to visit and Text is the text where you can define the text user should see.

The target attribute enables you to control how the browser responds when you click on the link. If you want to open in new window then mention:

Learn With Sudheras Website

If you want to open in same window then no need for target or mention _self.

HTML Image: HTML Image are defined with tag.

To display an image on a page, you need to use the src’s attribute. Src stands for Source.

HTML List: HTML supports ordered, unordered and definition list. You can also nest one list within another.

An unordered list starts with the ul tag

Type attribute is used to defined list type.

An ordered list is also a list of items; the list items are numbered sequentially rather than bulleted.

Examples in demonstration video.

HTML Styling (CSS): CSS defined as Cascading Style Sheet.

The purpose of the style attribute is to provide a common way to style all html elements.

There are three types of CSS which are given below:

Inline Style: which we define within html tag. Example in video.

Internal Style: which we define style in head section. Examples in video.

External Style: which we use to define the style in external file and give link to html file. Example in video.

Please watch HTML with CSS Class-3 video from below link:

Please download the presentation in pdf format from below link:


Example code for practice is available in pdf file.

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