Learn with Sudhera’s English with Phonics

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Learn with Sudhera’s English with Phonics

Learn it right the very first time


At Learn with Sudheras, we strongly support learning it right the very first time. This is specifically real with basic concepts in subjects as well as language. When we find out basic concepts right the first time, we open ourselves to learning-related and complex concepts quickly.

Understanding English through the Phonics approach ensures excellent conceptual clarity.

The Advantages of Phonics

  • Learning Phonics improves phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify, and match letters and symbols to their respective sounds.
  • Phonemic awareness improves the ability to quickly identify and learn new words. This, in turn, increases vocabulary.
  • A strong vocabulary fosters a love of reading and improves reading ability and comprehension.
  • An enjoyable reading habit makes language learning more enjoyable and provides a solid foundation for learning other subjects.
  • The discipline of rigorous practice is instilled in students who learn through Phonics.
  • Phonics learning, if begun at a young age, is a significant investment in learning English and academic performance.

The Research, Design, and Development team has worked with many children ranging in age from 3 to 14 years over the last few years. We noticed two distinct user scenarios.


One – Children in preschool or kindergarten are in the early stages of learning English.


Two – Children who have advanced to higher grades but have difficulty with English.


In both cases, learning through the Phonics method had a considerable impact.

In scenario one, children could grasp the fundamental concepts and gradually expand their understanding.


Scenario two – Phonics aided students in comprehending their specific difficulties. The Phonics learning program was designed in small, manageable steps. They reached a specific milestone as they progressed through each lesson. Some lessons were simple, while others were challenging. This process enabled both the student and the teacher to focus on specific learning needs. Individual attention and learning at their own pace increased the learning impact on students significantly.


This journey has taught me a lot about my own English limitations. Even though I consider myself a competent English speaker and writer, several concepts have been entirely new to me. It’s been a tremendously humbling experience. Earlier in this article, I discussed some peculiarities of the English language.


The Learn with Sudheras has its own experience with Phonics teaching and learning. We help learners to learn English and become confident readers. Pronunciation, spelling, and reading skills are the primary areas of emphasis. The learning content is divided into six levels. Level 1 begins with letters of the alphabet and their basic sounds. Progressively, more complex sounds, sound combinations, spellings, and spelling variations are introduced. The learning method follows the path of sound to words to sentences. The content includes 50+ sounds, 100+ word families, and 2000+ words.


Learn with Sudheras dedication

During the current crisis, the EdTech industry has advocated for technological devices and platforms as the ultimate solution for education. Unfortunately, this mindset is only conducive to higher valuations and increased sales. The child’s cognitive health does not appear to factor in these scenarios. If it did, I can’t imagine anyone aggressively promoting a digital-only learning platform for a 2 or 3-year-old toddler.


The primary goal of Learn with Sudheras is to provide children with meaningful learning experiences. We believe that the Phonics learning experience will be highly beneficial in this regard. Well-being is one of our core values. The learning session is multisensory. Different types of flashcards allow for a tactile learning experience. The design incorporates visually appealing elements to pique the viewer’s interest, appeal to multiple intelligences, and improve comprehension. Reading and coloring books are used to foster imagination and creativity. The learning methodology is self-paced and practice-based, combining rigor and enjoyment. The online companion course includes the audio files needed to learn the correct sounds. Technology integration is a natural and necessary part of the learning process.


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