PHP Bootstrap jQuery Like Dislike System

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PHP Bootstrap jQuery Like Dislike System

Welcome to our blog! Today we will explain you about PHP Bootstrap jQuery – Like Dislike system. I hope you have basic knowledge about these technologies or start watching our videos and learn it today. I have explained the functionality and integration in YouTube video. You can view video or see the below explanation.

I have taken all screenshots of the codes so that you can easily read and understand. In case, you don’t understand anything please let me know. Please like, subscribe and share our channel.

We would need following things to do:

  1. Main PHP File to add codes and external files
  2. CSS file to add some styling
  3. PHP file to add functions
  4. JS file to add ajax js functions

Lets learn and see about these files one by one.

  1. Main PHP File: This file will have our css file, js file and main codes. See screenshots below:
    first just include css file in the head section link below:

CSS Include
Please note SITE_URL is a define url of the website.

Add the below following main file:
Main File

then include the js as well like below:

Include JS

  1. CSS file: It is required to style our icons. See below screenshot to understand:
    CSS Code
  2. PHP file: It will have our all functions, this is must file. Please see below code screenshot for your reference:
    Screenshot 1:
    PHP function code 1Screenshot 2:
    PHP Function code 2Screenshot 3:
    PHP Function code 3
  3. JS file: It is useful for js ajax jquery code. Refer below screenshot code for adding codes:
    Screenshot 1:
    JS Function Code 1Screenshot 2:
    JS Function Code 2

Complete Implementation Demo in Video

Please watch video from below link:

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If you have any questions, please let us know.

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